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August 22, 2018

Do you have a compelling educational presentation to offer?  Do you have a distinctive point of view and ideas about fundraising, philanthropy, and the not-for-profit sector you’d like to share?  Let’s work together, because here at AFP we want to expand our professional development offerings; broaden our network of contributors, speakers, and subject matter experts (“contributors”); and position AFP as a thought leader and the go-to source for cutting edge education, training, information, and insights.  All this goes toward better serving AFP’s membership and the fundraising profession as a whole.

With this request for proposals, we invite your contribution to AFP’s professional development programs.  As always, we’re looking for content that helps AFP members become better fundraisers, through programs that help build their understanding of best practices, skills, and techniques based on the core fundraising knowledge domains:

  • Current and Prospective Donor Research (which includes: donor acquisition, donor retention, donor giving Patterns, data analysis techniques, data gathering techniques, and data management system)
  • Securing the Gift (which includes: direct mail, case statement, gift agreements, proposal writings, special events, social media, sponsorships, annual giving, capital campaigns, bequests, and major gifts)
  • Relationship Building (which includes: cultivation and stewardship, communications, incentives, culture of philanthropy, and external spheres of influence)
  • Volunteer Involvement (which includes: recruitment, governance principles and models, skills training, value of diversity and community representation, board/staff roles in governance and management, and organizational culture)
  • Leadership and Management (which includes: strategic planning, fundraising plan, financial management, marketing and public relations principles, human resource management, and effective leadership)
  • Ethics, Accountability and Professionalism (which includes: accountability and ethics, advocacy and public policy, accounting and investment principles, transparency, and continuing professional development opportunities)

We’re also looking for fresh perspectives about big ideas and issues that transcend the technical aspects of fundraising.  What are the important strategic issues, innovations, disruptive influences, and societal trends (e.g., changing demographics) that impact fundraising, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector?  With your help, AFP can build understanding of these issues and their significance.  

Opportunities to contribute include:

  • Micro-learning videos – New program! Short (3-5 minutes), informal videos for sharing 1-2 key learning objectives about a topic.
  • Webinars – Live 1-hour virtual presentation featuring audio and slides.
  • Articles in Advancing Philanthropy – Share your perspective via the written word, for inclusion in the quarterly print magazine or the new website that’s in development.
  • Regular column in Advancing Philanthropy – New initiative! Become a regular contributor or columnist for the online version of Advancing Philanthropy to be included on the new AFP website that will launch later in 2018.
      We’re seeking thoughtful, inspirational, and provocative writers to become regular contributors and columnists, blogger style.  Distinct points of view are most welcome!
  • “Ready Reference” books – These short-form books (~ 50 pages each) provide opportunity for a substantial introduction or overview of an important topic that a reader may finish in one sitting.

(Note:  Education sessions and workshops at AFP ICON and Leadership Academy are not included with this RFP, as they are currently handled through a separate process.)

AFP also has new programs under consideration.  While we can’t yet promise a time-frame for development, we’d like to solicit your interest in contributing to them when they’re ready.  

  • E-courses – Short 3-5-hour online courses that can be accessed anytime on demand.
  • “Road show” workshops – One-day or multi-day education workshops as part of AFP’s new “road show” concept to deliver more professional development opportunities in more places independently or in partnership with AFP chapters.
  • Videoconferencing/video-based courses – Short 1-2 hours learning events that can accessed live and on demand. 

Proposal Review Process

Proposals will be selected by AFP staff based on recommendations from a volunteer advisory committee that will review all proposals in Fall 2018.  The following criteria are taken into consideration: 

  • Relevance to fundraising, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector, as applicable.
  • Contribution and “fit” with AFP’s overall suite of professional development programs in terms of topic/ category, learning level, etc.
  • Evidence of innovative thinking and fresh insights.
  • Research-based content (where appropriate or relevant).
  • Intent to build interactivity and engagement with participants/attendees, as applicable.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and overall expertise of contributor.
  • Contributor’s previous content design or delivery experience (e.g., webinars, workshops, e-courses, conference sessions) and ratings, as applicable.
  • Diversity of contributor’s background, experiences, perspective, and ideas.

AFP staff will notify all those that submit proposals by November 7, 2018, and work with those selected to incorporate into AFP programming on a mutually agreeable schedule.

Submission & Content Guidelines

  1. Proposals must be submitted via Survey Monkey at this link:

    The deadline for submissions is September 26, 2018 at 11:59 PM ET.

  2. Eligibility:
    - AFP welcomes proposals from AFP members and non-members.
    - AFP encourages both new and experienced contributors, including those who can provide diverse perspectives.
    - AFP welcomes proposals from global contributors to highlight the innovative and impactful work occurring in fundraising and philanthropy around the world.

  3.  All contributors must provide a 75-word biography in the proposal. For proposals with more than one contributor, a lead should be identified as the primary contact.

  4. Contributors agree that their programs/content is a contribution to the profession, and may be recorded, streamed, sold, and otherwise distributed by AFP, with no monetary benefit or revenue share accruing to the contributor. 

  5. Contributors agree not to explicitly promote their organization, products, or services as part of their presentations. Programming must be of an educational nature only.  Book authors may use and reference their own books, but may not actively promote sales.

  6. AFP reserves the right to edit content titles, descriptions, biographies of contributors, and other information for clarity and brevity.