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What's your National Philanthropy Day Strategy?

October 10, 2018

National Philanthropy Day® (NPD) is a special day to recognize and pay tribute to the many contributions that philanthropy—and those people active in the sector —have made to our lives, our communities and our world.

Over the years AFP has seen chapter committees from coast to coast engaging in smart strategies to ensure that their NPD events are as effective as they can be in celebrating the act of giving, volunteering and participating in philanthropy.

 We are inviting you to share your tips, guidance and advice on how to best leverage your chapter’s efforts, time and energy to see maximum advantages from both days:

Share your story

  • Has your chapter created newspaper inserts, great videos, or told stories in print form for National Philanthropy Day?  Share some samples and we'll all work to get this fantastic material out into the world!
  • Who are your influencers and how do you help them get the message out?
  • What do you do internally to motivate and engage your staff and/or board members?
  • How do we make the most of social media? What hashtags can we share to engage each other and the community at large?

There’s no need for your chapter to be working in isolation when it comes to NPD. Let’s harness each other’s hard work, experience and inspiration to make all of our NPD events become more successful.

Share your stories by emailing Lisa MacDonald, editor of AFP eWire Canada, We can't wait to celebrate the success of National Philanthropy Day 2018!